pleasure in every opening


It is like a personal doorman for smartphone owners

Opens automatic barriers, gates, rolling gates, doors, and side gates with electromagnetic lock via Wi-Fi

You do not have to call on it each time or look for the remote control


All you need is your smartphone with Wi-Fi on. Moreover, it can remain in your pocket or bag, you do not have to reach for it

You just have to once set the distance from which automatic opening will occur

Automatic mode can be deactivated. In this case, a notification with the button "Open" appears on the screen when you approach the barrier


Original parts by famous manufacturers

Auxiliary microcontroller which controls the main Wi-Fi module

Working temperature from -40 to +85 °С (from -40 to 185°F)

Absolute autonomy and independence from cloud services


No need to recharge your SIM card (there is no SIM card in our device)

No expense of every new user

No need to install any application

No need to interrupt your phone conversation

Set-ups are flexible: you can regulate not only the distance from which automatic opening is to occur but also the radius of detection of your mobile phone

User friendly interface

Support and development

Constant improving due to the software upgrading

Fail-safe firmware updating

It is planned to add an event log and access control, including access control according to time, days of the week, duration